Point Standings

To Drivers, Crews, Sponsors, and Fans,

Some have questioned how we do our handicap and points at Evans Mills Speedway and therefore we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to know and understand how we do this procedure. The following is a breakdown of the 2012 points structure at Evans Mills Speedway and every division follows this format.

1st – 60; 2nd – 56; 3rd – 52; 4th – 50; 5th – 48; 6th – 46; 7th – 44; 8th – 42; 9th – 40; 10th – 38; 11th – 36; 12th – 34; 13th – 32; 14th – 30; 15th – 28; 16th – 27; 17th- 26 ;18th – 25; 19th – 24 ;20th – 23; 21st – 22; 22nd – 21;23rd -30th – 20

The handicapping procedure is typically done by last three weeks money won. At Evans Mills Speedway, due to the purses of some of our individual divisions we have had to modify this format. We do our handicap by the last three weeks points. If a driver runs a heat race and yet fails to make it out for the feature, they are considered a do not start (DNS) and will receive 0 points in the handicap. If a driver misses a week, then they will be receive maximum points plus one for a total of 61. The totals for the last three weeks points are then sorted in a spreadsheet and those totals are sorted from lowest total to highest total.

Heat races are arranged by the driver’s handicap, again with the lowest totals at the top and the highest totals for three weeks at the bottom. Feature events use the same handicap but a driver must qualify in order to receive their handicapped position in the feature. If a driver fails to qualify then they are placed behind the qualified cars. The number of qualified cars varies weekly by the total number of cars in a division.

We hope this helps to answer any questions on how the points and handicaps are determined weekly and also how we line up our heats and feature events.